Strategical ways to bring your girl (boy)friend fishing?

To a fisherman, fishing is a need that has at least to be understood by the partner.

It’s also commonly a lone activity, in which we are seeking introspection, and enjoying peaceful outdoor activity. (I read this is a code for “I haven’t caught any fish today”)

Fishing is in common mindset a bloke thing. Guys are going fishing together, far from their spouses, girlfriends, whatever, and want to have peace and space and time for themselves.

But, sometimes, your girlfriend (I don’t want to say boyfriend each time too, please read boyfriend if you’re a fishing girl) asks you to come, which is a good thing. A good point to her.

You can teach her what pleases you, and she can see that you’re not cheating with other girls when you say you’re out on fishing. And you can try the Hank Patterson way, too. Not sure it would work the way he wants, but so much fun to watch!

But there are more issues when the one that fishes wants to share his passion with the one he loves. A passion is something that burns you inside, and which you want to communicate to others. And what’s more enticing than sharing his passion with your girlfriend. Yes. But the fact is, fishing suffers from handicaps in a lot of girls mindset. And they are different in boys mindset.

Let’s see how you can try to eliminate objection to go out :

Fishing is boring : 

This big staple can easily be evacuated by 2 things : a little psychology and a private pond full of fish. Even if everybody hates to get bored, everybody loves to catch fish. Except the one that think fish suffers. (See this number 2). The psychological aspect should enhance the tactical aspect of fishing, which makes you never get bored while walking in the wild. Don’t speak about searching the fishes. It means you don’t know if you’ll have strikes. Not good!  The private pond full of fish lets you have your loved one seeing you catching fish after fish. Then, when you have a good one, ask her if she wants to try to get the fish to the net.

Girls may not want to tie knots, or unhook the fish. Don’t ever make fun at her. Ever. Be nice and kind, and show her how to cast, how to retrieve. Cast even for her the first time, and give her the rod. Anything that would make sure she has fun. That fun she has will make her feel like you are a good teacher (good father 😉 ) and take care of her well-being. Which you of course do!

You may have her again on the water if she says yes. Don’t give her advice when she reels in (except the correct way to turn the handle. Some people under stress may invert it, I’ve seen that already!) If the fish escapes, don’t get mad at her. It happens to you too sometimes, right? Sometimes when she got the rod in hands and feels the fish, she will think that the fish suffers. You can defuse that with the next step.

Fish suffer from the hooks :

It’s quite unclear. But say NO, it’s not a huge lie. Actually, fish are eating other fish or crayfish, or mussels, or anything. So they are eating spines, bones, and pincers. Preys are under armors, and that may hurt a lot more than a hook. We are eventually pushing a little bit of anthropomorphism on the pain in the mouth because our own mouth is sensible. What makes the fish trying to escape is actually the line that holds him, and not being free is a lot more stressful to him. That’s why you should ever try to finish your fights as fast as possible. Another fact is that fish doesn’t seem to feel the pain as we do. Their spinal system isn’t as connected to muscles as we are, that’s why a fish can die of exhaustion. Because he doesn’t feel the pain, which would have stop us long before. Insist on how you take care of the fish by releasing them, in good health, for the next generation!

I don’t like to see worms/live baits :

OK, it’s not a problem, make her fish with soft plastics, or hard lures. No slimy things, no manipulation of moving live animals… That one is easy!

I don’t like outdoors, there are bugs and animals :

Your girlfriend is a princess. Yes, there are bugs and animals. That’s what fish actually are eating, so be glad there are. But to your princess, I think the best way is to avoid the hours where horsefly and mosquitoes are active. Close to sunset, go back home and show her how you care of her. Another way is to bring her to the beach, for a little shore fishing during fall, when there are tons of fish, and have both fun between fishing and enjoying a good time on the beach. But don’t let her alone to go fishing too long. You may not find her back, there are huge girlfriends predators on beaches. Like volleyball players, or even worth, bodybuilder! You should share this moment, not use it to have your own fun…

I don’t like/I’m scared to touch the fish :

That’s a good point : Scared to touch means she’s not against the fact of fishing. So tell her you’ll handle the fish, and once you got one, show her how you respect it, releasing the fish nicely. Fish are beautiful, and you can progressively have her to accept to touch them. If she doesn’t want, even after some fishing sessions, keep doing it nicely! She’s willing to stay with you whatever it cost to her, so be nice and smooth with her!

It’s me or fishing :

It’s up to you. I would rather change girlfriend, because she doesn’t understand that I need fishing. You may stop fishing, too. I tried once. I renounced a week later, too hard addiction. My wife calls my rods my second wives, because I spend a lot of time with them. She came with me some times, and even if she don’t really like fishing (which I regret!) she understood at least that it’s a physical need, and she let me go, now.

Which is the most important to me, after all! Everybody cannot feel the predatory instinct of hunting fish, I think it’s almost like a virus. You can be contaminated, but some are immunized. Once you got it, it’s really hard to get rid of it. You can give it to your children, anyway! That’s cool, and it will be another post!

Enjoy if you contaminate your girlfriend, buy her own tackle, and watch out her progress! As far as I know, women/girls fish way better than guys, and they learn faster. She’ll be breathing on your neck very soon, and outfish you in a matter of week! Be proud of this, it’s a great thing!


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Fishing is passion, not fashion!




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