Fish Sharp strategical fishing is set up to teach you how to go strategicaly, from organising a fishing trip to fish specific tactics, through blog posts and youtube tutorials. Here’s why :

I’m a fish lover, before being a fisherman, before even being a fishing guide. I knew how to fish before knowing how to walk, so to say. And the passion is burning harder than ever!

I have fished every kind of water since 37 years, and I’ve guided people from Morocco to France and USA since 6 years.

Although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise revolve in the world of lure fishing, any kind of predatories, from freshwater to saltwater.

My leitmotive is  “fishing is not fashion, it’s passion”. I don’t care about brands, I care about confort. I don’t care about having a jersey, I care about fun. I don’t want to be stressed if I don’t catch fishes, I want to enjoy the fishing days.

I’m still a connected guy, though. I set this website on my own two hands, with a lot of caffeine to help… So any mistake, mispell, is all but mine.

So, if you need help to be on the fish, catch them and have fun with, I’m the one you need to hire!

Have fun reading!